Friday, March 31, 2006

I need your input!!!!

I know I have not posted to my blog forever. I have found that access to the Internet was a huge problem for more than half of my students. As a result, more than half of my students could not even access my blog if they wanted to and of the half that had technology only some chose to use the blog. However, hopefully that will change. At my high school we found out a couple of weeks ago that we have been given $1.8 million to design our new high school. Yeah!!!!!! One of the things we are planning for the new school is to have 60 mobile, wireless laptop computers. That way instead of trying to take the students to the technology we can bring the technology to the students.

Here is where you all come in. I would like your input on designing a new high school. If you had the chance to start from the ground up, what things would you include in your classroom and your school? These items can be technology related but they do not have to be.

For example, I want a smartboard in my classroom and a computer projector mounted on the ceiling. A colleague of mine currently has to walk across the entire school just to use the staff washrooms. This person really wants a staff washroom closer to their classroom. Our current school has very few windows in it. So, the whole staff wants more windows in the new school.

I can hardly wait to hear your suggestions for our new school!!!!!!