Thursday, April 07, 2005

Polynomial Inequalities

The following link shows a couple more examples of how to solve a polynomial inequality. For some of your seeing some more examples might help.

This second link shows how to solve polynomial inequalities graphically as well as using test intervals.


misterteacher said...

Mr. Kaminski,
Nice blog. I think I could learn quite a bit from checking out the links here (I teach seventh grade math, so we don't quite get to these concepts). I've added your blog to my blogroll, how about adding mine to your's. Check it out at the Future of Math -

Jamie Tubbs
Middletown, OH

sara* said...

The link for polynomial inequalities was quite helpful. I find that most of my errors come from mistaking less than and greater than signs. This unit wasn't as hard as I anticipated I just make careless mistakes. I am looking forward to the next unit and hopefully it will be really easy.
Sara Zelter