Sunday, March 20, 2005

Blogging for Marks

We have an exam coming up this Wednesday. Just a reminder that you can obtain a mark on your next exam for contributing to this blog. Here is the criteria for obtaining that mark.

- You can make a comment or post to the site discussing something you learned in class.

- You can contribute a picture, link or comment related to something we studied in class.

You still have a few days to earn that mark!!!!


Sara Zelter * said...

Your blog is pretty great Mr. Kaminski. This unit is pretty easy but it takes so long to draw the graphs. The stuff we learned today with the sub was relatively simple but he had no idea how to do it, but being the bright class that we are we caught on. I am really excited to get that extra mark on my test on Wednesday.

Justine Cheyne said...

i would really like to get a good mark on this exam! so maybe tomorrow we could go over some things together, so it makes a little more sense to me. what we learned today seemed quite easy, but perhaps i could get a little more help on the stuff from last week. hopefully this extra mark will help me out!!! thanks mr.k

caitie said...

This unit is not too hard, and it would be super awesome if this was as hard as the course got, lol. I found this website on rational functions so hopefully it will earn me that bonus mark on the test, which i will probably need! The site is kinda confusing but there are parts where it quizzes you about asymptotes and finding the zeros and all that good stuff. the website is:

Mr. Kaminski said...

Cool website Caitie. It looks really good. It definitely gets you your blogging mark!!!!