Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Preparing for Thursday's Exam

I know that some of you are having some trouble in this unit and would like some extra work to help prepare for your exam. Check out this website(topics 14, 18 and 19) for some online quizzes to help you review some of the topics we have studied.

Let me know if this helps by leaving a comment.

You can also go back to my post for Feb.11th. There are links to the GIZMO on polynomial graphs and a lesson on polynomials.


thomasssss said...

this is prolly too late but in lesson 14 (i think) couldnt figure out how to do the ones like

6. Find all real zeros of the polynomial function .

g(t)=(1/3)x^4 - (16/3)

A. 2
B. -4, ±2
C. ±2
D. 0, ±2

find means solve, yes?

Mr. Kaminski said...

You are correct. Find means solve.

thomasssss said...

excellent, but a little late for that now